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Alma Atlantica White Sangria


Alma Atlantica White Sangria


Alma Atlantica Sangria is the very first Atlantic

Sangria, a new way of living and diving into the Rias

Baixas essence. The best kept secrets of the ocean,

its magic, flavors, aromas sealed inside this bottle

inherently connected to the sea.

Take a sip and submerge your palate into the

Atlantic Ocean and discover a unique

selection of grapes: Albariño, Loureira and

Caiño blanco with inspiring and refreshing

citric and fruity notes, linger as the waves that

caress the sand.

The Recipe:

Uncover the treasures of the Atlantic Ocean with

Alma Atlantica Sangria. Serve with a couple of

rocks of ice and fresh citrus zest (lemon, lime,

orange or kumquat). Add fresh peppermint leaves

and a few pink pepper corns.

Enjoy in good company!

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