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Cordoniz Sauvignon Blanc

Botalcura Cordoniz Sauv Blanc 2014.jpg
Botalcura Cordoniz Sauv Blanc 2014.jpg

Cordoniz Sauvignon Blanc


Chile - Central Valley

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Climate: mild cold temperature

Harvest: hand-picked.

Soil: Alluvial origin, river beds, stony, clayish and sandy.

Vinification process: Destemmed and soft crush. Protected against oxidation.

Winemaking: at a controlled temperature of 25°C.

Pressing: After the alcoholic fermentation at low temperature, its maceration lies according to taste.

Wine Description

Color: Pale yellow with transparent highlights. With only a few but fast legs. This is a bright and transparent wine.

Aromas: Contains a citric nose of grapefruit, pear and spicy notes (cilantro seeds and cardamom), with a vegetable touch of lime and bay leaf.

Palate: It has a live attack on the mouth, not aggressive with good acidity. The half palate is discrete and elegant. Half long finish with soft bitterness, which allows ending the tasting without getting tired.


It´s the perfect company for seafood and fishes, appetizers, cooked ham, salami or pâté. Serve at 10-12°C (50-53°F).

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