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Resalte Crianza 2014

Resalte Crianza.jpg
Resalte Crianza.jpg

Resalte Crianza 2014


91 Points - Wine Spectator

Resalte Crianza is the reference point for our winery, and we channel our passion into its creation.


Resalte Crianza comes from vineyards of 30 years or older. These vineyards yield naturally no more than 4500 kg./ha., i.e., high quality in aromatic concentration and structure. The different soils of the plots we use are in turn passed on to the grapes and then to the wine, resulting in a powerful, complex, elegant wine. 


During the winemaking process, we separate the wine coming from these different plots with their unique traits until their final “copage”. For each of them we use intense gravity overpump, with temperature controls during cold soak at 8ºC. Thus we work on the skin to extract tannins and aromas. During fermentation, gravity overpumps enrich the must and prepare it for its long ageing in oak. Maximum fermentation temperature is 30ºC, to better pass on the skin’s best compounds. A final maceration of approximately 21 days will create a wine displaying finesse, structure and elegance.  


We age our Crianza for at least 14 months in 80% French, 20% American oak. We renovate at least 1/3 of the barrels every year. As mentioned above, each batch from a different parcel or plot is made separately, and they will also age indifferent barrels to enhance their unique characteristics. They will not be blended until the end of their ageing period, before bottling. Thus we achieve an exceptional final balance. 


Appearance: The wine exhibits a cherry red color with an intense robe, clean and bright

Aroma: Complex, harmonious, clean, with finesse. With a marked fruit character, black liquorice, cherries and blackberries are underpinned by integrated toasted oak aromas.

Palate: gutsy, good acidity, ripe tannins, creamy, long and persistent. 


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