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Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada 2015

Resalte Vendemia Seleccionada.jpg
Resalte Vendemia Seleccionada.jpg

Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada 2015



It is our youngest, most artistic fresh wine. 


Coming from plots at almost 1000 metres above sea level, the highest area in the Ribera, Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada is original from the start. Limestone soils, long hot days and cool nights enhance the aromas in the grapes, their soft tannins and makes the wine fruity, lively and refreshing. Yields never exceed 4500 kg./ha., which assures an optimal maturation cycle for the grape to express its best at this privileged location.   


Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada is made, like all of our wines, by using gravity and temperature controls. When the grapes arrive in the cellar we lower its temperature to 8ºC for about 5 days, while we extract all its aromatic potential and grape color. Alcoholic fermentation comes next, with temperature not exceeding 24ºC. The wine proceeds next to the malolactic maceration for about 18 days, for a better enrichment of its fresh, fruit character.   


Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada rests for at least 10 months in 500 litres new French oak barrels with different toastings. After several years of tests and experiments, we found out this was the ideal volume for the vineyard to keep expressing without wood overpowering the flavour of the fruit.  


Appearance: the wine exhibits a blue-hued red color with a violet rim, clean and bright

Aroma: Sharp, intense and fresh, with a marked fruit character and background integrated oak aromas. 

Palate: round, rich, fresh, balanced, flavoursome and persistent


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