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Sea Gate Wines - Life's a beach. We have the wine.

Sea Gate Wines is a collaboration between the Bahamas only certified female Sommelier, Rebecca Tibbitts, her husband and award winning chef, Tim Tibbitts.  Together they have put together a selection of wines designed for drinking in the warm climate of the Caribbean.  Since life's a beach, they have your wines.

Sea Gate Wines Roter Muskateller 2016


Sea Gate Wines Roter Muskateller 2016


Roter Muskateller is a relatively unknown grape outside of Austria and Germany.  It's more rounded than its close cousin Gelber Muskateller.  It makes a fantastic aperitif for before dinner or as a fantastic sipping wine for beautiful sunsets.




deep loess soil

Grape Variety

Roter Muskateller


long maceration, pressed carefully, controlled fermentation process,

developed in a stainless steel tank

Wine Description

intense smell, wonderful muscatel fruit, expressive, powerful;

newcomer in our product range

Alcohol: 12.00 vol%

Residual sugar: 1.1 g/l

Acidity: 6.5 %o

Harvest: 26th September 2016

Must weight: 18.5 Klosterneuburger Mostwaage degree

Age of the plant: 8-24 years

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