Sea Gate Wines

Sea Gate Wines - Better Wines. Better Prices.

Sea Gate Wines provides The Bahamas better wines at lower prices by sourcing great products direct from the source. We cut out the middle man to pass the savings on to you.


Weingut Franz Bayer

Franz Bayer Junior is responsible for the production of the Sea Gate label wines. Three exceptional white wines with expressive character. This young 5th generation winemaker is determined to make a name for himself.


Bodegas Martin Codax

One of the largest producers of quality wines in Spain, Martin Codax is synonymous with Rias Baixas wines and produce fantastic quality at excellent prices.

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Paco & Lola

The Polkadot labels of Paco & Lola wines have become famous worldwide. They are beautifully produced and sourced from the many farms in their cooperative including some of the oldest still producing vines in the world dating back into the 18th century.

Palacio de Bornos

With wineries all over Spain this company holds many parcels in various denominations. The base in Rueda produces exceptional Verdejo based wines.

Bodegas Benito Santos

A very small winery in Rias Baixas producing small quantity, high quality wines primarily using the Albarino grape. Highly sought after by sommeliers around the world, this winery is one of the gems in the Sea Gate collection.

HGA Bodegas

A collection of very small wineries in Rias Baixas in many subregions producing small quantity, high quality wines primarily using grapes that are indigenous to the region. Highly sought after by sommeliers around the world, this winery is one of the gems in the Sea Gate collection.


Valminor Ebano

Located in the Rosal subregion of Rias Baixas, Valminor makes some extraordinary wines in unique varietals such as Laureiro, Trexiedura and the exclusive Castanal, along with their signature Albarino. They also are introducing extraordinary Vermuth to the market.

Bodegas Resalte

One of Ribera Del Duero’s premier producers, Bodegas Resalte consistently produces exceptional wines.


Rioja Alta

One of the world’s most famous wineries. This legendary Rioja producer consistently produces legendary wines sought after all over the world.


Masaveu Bodegas

Producers of many different wines including Fillaboa 1869 named the best Albarino in the world and the incredible Valveran Ice cider made from 20 apples per bottle .


Elvio Cogno

One of Piedmont’s greatest producers, the Cogno estate has one of the greatest complete lines of wines representing everything the region has to offer. One of our favorite portfolios.



Producers of extraordinary wines in the Friuli region, they have possibly the best Pinot Grigio available on the market along some incredible wines showcasing creative and thoughtful winemaking .



The king of Chianti, Giovanni Manetti is a lengedary producer of Sangiovese based wines. Giovanni is also the President of the DO of Chianti.



Producers of Tuscan wines that have become legendary, Caparzo consistently creates wine of quality in every price point including their Brunello Di Montalcino named of of the world’s greatest wines by Wine Spectator .

FX Pichler

Named by Robert Parker as one of the best white wine producers in the world, FX Pichler is the ultimate expression of Austrian wines . Their Rieslings and specifically Gruner Veltliner sets the benchmark for whites worldwide.

Weingut Knoll

Probably the most famous producer of wines from Austria and also one of the best . Emmerich Knoll is also the president of the DO of Wachau, safeguarding the quality of wines coming from this region.

Pichler Krutzler

Daughter of Pichler meets son of Krutzler. A love story made in wine. These two bring their two different family approaches to create spectacular wines from the Wachau .

Weingut Leth

Franz Leth, besides being one of the nicest people we’ve ever met, also produces exceptional wines in the Wagram region of Austria

Ecker Ekhoff

Bernhard Ecker produces modern, fun and exciting wines in the Wagram region. He is a standout in this region especially for his work with Roter Veltliner.


Fred Loimer is the premier producer in the Kamptal region of Austria and covers all the spectrum of wines, white, red and sparkling.


Fritz Wieninger is the top producer in the Vienna region. A fantastic guy, Fritz’s passion is educating people on Austria’s best kept secret- Gemischter Satz. A blend of co fermented indigenous grapes creating light refreshing wines with surprisingly complex flavor profiles.


Sattlerhof from the south Steiermark region of Austria produces incredible Sauvignon Blanc and Austria’s version of Chardonnay, called Morillon. These are not entry wines. They are complex and beautifully crafted.

Les Grands Chais de France

Les Grands Chais De France is the largest wine family in France, founded by Joseph Helfrich in 1979. They represent hundreds of small producers throughout France as well as the greatest names in wine history, including all the 1st Growth Bordeauxs in the 1865 classification.

Dos Almas

From the legendary Zonin family comes their first venture into the amazing vineyards of Chile. Dos Almas means “Two Souls” that brings the Italian heritage and the Chilean soil together to an extraordinary combination of quality to value ratio.


The benchmark of Chilean wine the world over, Lapostolle is one of the largest brands in Chile. From a French background that has always given their wines a finesse and beauty that has set them at the front of the Chilean wine market.